Company Profile

The first and only agriculture-oriented venture capital company in Turkey.

Egeli & Co. Agriculture Investment Trust (“Egeli & Co. Agriculture Investment Trust (“EGCYO” or “EGC Agri Capital”), is the first and only agriculture-oriented venture capital company in Turkey. Founded in 1994, the Company joined Egeli & Co. Financial Services Group in 2004. The shares of Egeli & Co. Agriculture Investment Trust are traded at Borsa Istanbul with the ticker EGCYO.

Extinguished or misused natural resources, destroyed nature and diseases originated from nutrition put forth the fact that the most important issue in the future would become supply of food; accordingly, it indicates the importance of the agricultural sector. Besides agricultural advantages of Turkey arisen from its geo-political location, structural conversions, incentives, increasing investment potentials in the agricultural sector require efforts of institutionalism in the sector recently. EGC Agri Capital started up firstly by considering the incomplete institutionalism and launched its activities for offering the qualified investors the opportunity of benefiting from the growth potential in the Turkish agricultural sector.

Following the increase in interest for agriculture, institutionalization works in agriculture and agricultural products industries as well as practices applied by companies to enhance their added values started to gain importance. EGC Agri Capital aims to contribute to national economy as well as to create added value for its stakeholders by making investments in fields of agriculture promising sustainable return. Additionally, EGC Agri Capital aims to transparently and safely disseminate its works while focusing on growth.

The Company has a well-established corporate governance system, which ensures efficient control of management’s execution of strategic decisions. 

EGCYO purchased all the shares of Bati Agriculture Investments (“Bati Agriculture”) from Egeli & Co. Investment Holding (“EGC Investment Holding”) in June 2011 as its first investment. Following the investment in Bati Agriculture, EGC Agri Capital purchased 90.05% of the shares of Doga Agriculture in June 2012. Upon transfer of the remaining 9.95% shares in July 2013, EGC Agri Capital has all the shares of Doga Agriculture.

EGC Agri Capital became 43.61% partner to Tolina Tarım Hayvancılık ve Gıda Ürünleri Tic. ve San. A.Ş  (“Tolina Agriculture”), a dairy farm, in October 2012.As a last transaction, EGC Agri Capital included Yaprak Süt ve Besi Çiftlikleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş (“Yaprak Dairy Farm) to its investments as a 5.63% long term security.